7th July

St. Patrick’s Church, Guildford.

I glorified our Lord and thanked Him when I arrived from Mass and Holy Hour and said, “I almost didn’t come here, as it was not possible. Now that I’m here I’m so happy and grateful to you my Lord and I love you for all the graces you have given to me.”

Our Lord came almost instantly and smiled saying, “My child, nothing is impossible for Me to provide and bring to you here.” I replied, “Oh, my Lord how good a God you are and I love you so much.” Our Lord continued, “Will you permit Me my child to use all your suffering you had this past week with your grandchildren?” I replied, “Oh yes, my Lord, you can have all.”

Our Lord was joyous and happy. He respects our free will but He likes when we offer everything to Him. I concluded by saying, “Be merciful to us Lord Jesus when we don’t think to offer everything to you. Thankyou for being so patient with us and loving us.”