7th October, 2003

In a dream, I saw myself in a church with my eldest grandson. The church was packed with people all dressed in white and we were sitting amongst them all. I saw three priests in white vestments. We joined the people to go up to receive Holy Communion.

When my grandson approached the priest, the priest took from the paten a Host, and drew it gently above his eyes from left to right. It left a beautiful white lacy pattern over his eyes, which used up the Host. Then he lifted another Host and said, “Body of Christ”, and placed it on his tongue.

Then I approached the same priest and he did the same thing over my eyes, and I also received Holy Communion. I noticed that my grandson and I were the only ones in the congregation who received this special blessing.

When I returned to my seat, a woman approached me and said, “I can smell a beautiful perfume around you.”

I answered, “Yes, sometimes I notice it myself, too.”

Then she said, “And now that you speak, I can see a golden Host in your mouth that shines out.”

This represents the Grace of God.