8 August 2017

Sunday 8 August 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


At the beginning of Holy Mass I had a beautiful experience. I suddenly came to a round table. Our Blessed Mother was sitting at the table with six Angels, three on either side of her. I was sitting opposite our Blessed Mother. She was wearing a beautiful robe with a white mantle. You could see her dark hair showing under the mantilla. Holy Mary was joyful. She smiled and asked us, “Do you know each other?”


The angel smiled and responded, “Yes, we are very well acquainted.”


The angel continued, “Valentina, we are your Angels who carry the petitions which you offer to God during Mass, especially as you put everyone at the foot of the Altar before Holy Mass begins.”


He smiled and said, “Each one of us has a box to collect your petitions and carry them to Heaven. Sometimes we have collected them and then we have to turn back because you have remembered more petitions. Jesus is very pleased with your offerings.”


In a vision I could see how the Angels were standing at the foot of the Holy Altar, each holding a beautiful box, with all my prayer petitions, ready to carry them up to Heaven.

The beautifully polished petition boxes were of a very light brown colour and were about forty centimetres in size, with intricately crafted patterns around the edges.


With raised boxes, I could see them ascending to Heaven, but then they would turn around as they became aware that I had even more offerings. They would turn back and wait until I had finished praying as I would always remember more people that I promised to offer up at the Holy Mass.


While seated at the table, our Heavenly Mother showed us a Crucifix, about thirty centimetres in size, and next to it was a Consecrated Host, signifying the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. One without the Other would not work. Jesus sacrifices over and over again at each Mass, not only for a few but for many.


I said, “Blessed Mother and my Queen, I am very grateful to you for teaching me how to offer every petition before the beginning of Mass. I have been doing this for many years and I thank you my Mother and my Queen.”


At the beginning of each holy Mass, you can offer up to our Lord, your family, your friends and those in need. You can offer up the Holy Souls in Purgatory, the sick and  anyone that you can think of, who needs prayers.


Jesus, have mercy on us.