8 December 2017

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception



During Holy Mass, our Lord asked me to offer Him everyone that I could think of.


Jesus said, “Do you know there is so much misery and confusion in the world today, even in this country of Australia? I want to tell you how sad it makes Me for your leaders in Government to permit same-sex marriage. Tell people not to judge them but rather pray for their souls. I know that it makes everyone very unhappy to see what is happening. Only I can judge and condemn. All these events that you see, and that are happening right now in front of your eyes, have been prophesised long ago.”


Jesus said, “Sacrilege, blasphemy and abomination are now here, and you are living in them, because you are living in the end of times. Then the new event which is prophesised will follow soon. Do not lose hope. Courageously believe in your Saviour.”


“Once again, I want to remind you that you are now living in the end of times.”


Jesus Christ then said, “Stay very close to Me so that I can protect you.”


Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and protect us.