8 December 2022

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

This morning when I was praying ‘the Angelus,’ the Blessed Mother Mary appeared with little Boy Jesus, and angels accompanied them. Our Lord Jesus was about seven to eight years old. Holy Mother was so beautiful, dressed in pure white and around her waist, she wore a pale blue sash which gently fell all the way down her dress.

Blessed Mother said, “Praised be Jesus, my daughter Valentina. On this day, my Immaculate Conception is honoured on Earth and in Heaven. I want to tell you how I tried to help my children, to lead them back to the true faith and life, but so little I receive in return.”

She pointed to me and said, “As for you, my daughter Valentina, be courageous. Go among people, and help them to come back to God. So much they fall away and don’t know how to come back.”

“Be patient and gentle with everyone you meet. Tell humanity that now is the time to convert. This is a special grace given to you, given to the world by the most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to convert and to repent.”

“Because this will not last forever. Many events are unfolding and will continue to do so to wake up humanity. Lots of people will die unrepentant.”

The Little Boy Jesus came close to me, and I held Him by His Hand.

I bent down and asked Him, “Where is Your Father?”

He replied, “He’s at home.”

Then He whispered to me, “My Father has given Me very special work to do.”

He then showed me another little boy standing a little further away. Lord Jesus then continued, “His name is James, and he will help Me, and I Am so happy and grateful to My Father to do this work for Him.”

Our Lord did not reveal what it is that He has to do for the Father.

Thank You Lord Jesus, and Blessed Mother for this special grace that we receive today.