Before Easter, I visited good friends. The next morning while praying, Jesus and His Blessed Mother appeared to me.

Our Lord said to me, “Thankyou, My daughter, for visiting this family. We were well pleased and We thank you.”

“The family you visited are very simple and humble people. The whole family loves Us very much. The head of the family works very hard. He earns his living very honestly and earnestly. He doesn’t cheat or overcharge people. The live poorly and humbly, but they are very happy because My blessing is with them.”

In a vision, our Lord showed me a string ladder with loaves of bread. This represented his works and provides for his family the daily bread.

“Jesus said, “Look at Us. We are not material people. It displeases Me so much to see people who want to possess so much materially and they want to increase their possessions more and more. Their greed is beyond control. Selfishness, pride and greed offend Me very much. They accumulate much and they do not share with those who are poor and have nothing.”

“They use My name very often to bring them wealth but I don’t ever turn around and listen.”

“We are of Royal descent. We can have anything We want but We don’t agree to accumulate material possessions.”

“Tell the people We bless them specially and I give them special graces for their faithfulness and humility. Tell them to remain faithful to Me always and to be an example to others in the way they live.”

Thankyou Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother.