Christmas morning 2009

I woke at 5am and made the sign of the Cross to begin my morning offering and prayers, I praised Jesus, Mary and Joseph on this special day of the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Suddenly, our Blessed Mother appeared, accompanied by Angels, smiling happily and joyfully.

She said, “I know you have had a lot of suffering lately. My Son allowed this in order that you would save many souls, but today I come to take you with me to our home in Nazareth. Not the one here on earth, but the one in Heaven.”

She hugged me, and in a very short time I was in a beautiful place. I felt radiant, full of peace and happiness.

Holy Mary held my hand, leading me. She said, “Come, My daughter, inside Our Home.”

The place was simple, very spacious and bright with high windows letting in much light the room was not ostentatious. There was a round table and I saw St. Joseph seated there.

He smiled at me as Mary went into a corridor. She appeared carrying Baby Jesus in Her arms, and approached me. Mary was wearing a beautiful white satin dress, the sleeves gathered at Her wrists Jesus was clothed in a robe of the same white cloth. He slid down from His Mother’s arms and ran across to a window decorated with sheer drapes gathered together at the side. He hid behind these curtains and was peeping out, first one side and then the other. I laughed and said, “I can see you,” He laughed, going from side to side, playing with me.

Blessed Mother removed her veil, placing it on the table, and then said to me, “That is strange for My Son to do this. Usually when he sees you, he cannot resist, He can hardly wait to come to your arms, but today He wants to play with you to make you happy.”

The hide and seek lasted for a long time. Then He tired, ran over to me. I lifted Him up and nursing Him, I walked up and down.

St Joseph then spoke, “Valentina, I am not His real father, I am His foster Father.”

I answered, “I know that. I learned this in The Holy Scripture.”

St. Joseph continued, “I love Him more than a father. We are so united.”

He was clothed also in white looking very young, always quiet and reverent.

Afterwards, St. Joseph takes the Baby Jesus.

Holy Mary and the Angels accompany me back to my home.

I felt very emotional then, standing in my room reliving all that I had just experienced.

I thought, ‘forget about my poor house, forget about poverty. I was raised up for a short time in spiritual joy and ecstasy which is worth many times more than what the world can offer.’

Dear people, don’t despair, have faith and courage. Our Lord Jesus loves all of us, very much.