EASTER SUNDAY, 12th April, 1998

St Raphael’s church.

During Mass, 7:30am. Our Lord Jesus said, “rejoice, My children, and be joyful in Me, your Lord the resurrected Christ, your King. Each year as you celebrate the paschal season brings new hope in your lives”.

“My suffering and crucifixion is beyond your human understanding. The suffering was for all of you but my children, how sad is your Lord today in Heaven. To see this humanity os Godless, turning away from your God with no hope (shaking His head) a very wicked generation to the point of hopelessness in this fast, confused and wicked world in which you live, full of evil”.

“there has never been a generation so full of wickedness compared to the generations living in the past”.

“Console Me, My child. Tell My children to pray an love Me and to turn away from sin. I want for all of you to change. I suffered for all of you.” He said again.

Then I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all.”