Two Angels appeared and said, “Come with us to purgatory to visit souls
suffering much in a dark, depressing place.”

“We bring you here to ease their suffering. They feel they have no hope, that nobody thinks or cares for them.”

“While living they offended God greatly, so they must spend time to be purified before they are worthy to appear before God.”

I said, “I feel depressed to see their suffering.”

The Angel then said, “Come, we must go now, but we will take you through the garden of Heaven and you will feel much better.” We passed through beautiful garden shaded and green with many ferns. I noticed a house and approached to open the door. The Angel said, “Don’t open the door.”

He then opened the door himself and ushered me in. Inside there was a huge round table surrounded by Saints, all men. They turned to look when the door opened, but the Angel closed the door again. Then he explained, “They have a special meeting to discuss the state of the world. Soon Jesus will judge the world and establish His law.”