During Mass Our Lord Jesus said, “My Spirit is present at each Mass. I inspire Priests and guide what they say at Holy Mass. My Holy Spirit manifests through the Priests. The Holy Spirit speaks and guides you when I teach you and talk to you. When you speak to the people, My Spirit touches many people and when they read the Holy Word, they listen to the Holy Word; The Holy Spirit is always at work, all over the world. He never rests or sleeps. He moves gently, like a breeze full of love and gentleness. The Holy Spirit gives life, restores peace. He heals the broken heart and He calms the rough sea. We can go on and on.

Without the Holy Spirit no one would be safe. Be always grateful to the most Holy Trinity, without one another they cannot work. Always pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, My child.”

At home I prayed, Lord Jesus, please send the Holy Spirit in the world. The world needs changes. Then our Lord said, “I heard you plead, I want to send the Holy Spirit but the world is not ready yet and mature to receive. They offend Me and deny Me. People would rather live in darkness rather than in the light, in the darkness of sin. The world will have to endure longer, harder times and learn to love God.

I will still come at times to console My children and give them courage to go on in life with all the troubles of this world.

I bless you My children. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”