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A vision, like a church, came to me while praying. In this vision, I saw an Angel coming towards me while I was kneeling. He was dressed in white. He said, “Come, I will show you and take you with me so God the Father will explain things to you that you don’t understand as yet.”

In an instant, I was in a beautiful garden. God the Father approached me and then seated Himself. He smiled and said, “Kneel down. My child, you are in My Holy Presence.”

When I kneeled down, He said to me, “I will explain things to you about the Holy Eucharist. Before you come to receive the Holy Eucharist, you must repent and be very sorry and say an act of contrition for your sin. (I understood that this was to be done directly after saying the Lamb of God prayer) I want you to explain all of this to others.”

I noticed a small table standing near the Eternal Father. The Angel standing beside Him went and brought back a little silver paten. When he placed it on the table, it appeared to have a beautiful spoon with a long handle with a cross on it. The cross was decorated with tiny white roses and green leaves.

Our Eternal Father stood and picked up the spoon. Then He said, “Now, My child, I want you to say a long act of contrition before I nourish you with Holy Communion.”

He scooped more than one of the Hosts and placed them on my tongue, repeating this three times.

The Holy Communion doesn’t only mean a spiritual communion with our Lord but also represents sharing the word of God to others, providing energy and strength in order to pass on to others, to nourish them also. It is most important to have repentance for sin before receiving the Holy Eucharist.

I was overwhelmed by this experience, by the perfection and beauty of all I had just seen.