2 April 2021

Good Friday

In the morning, I was praying when our Lord Jesus came to visit me. I suffered intense pain throughout the whole night.

Our Lord said, “Valentina, My child, I come to tell you why I give you very severe pain on your body. It is for the world that offends Me so much.”

“I also want to tell you that the world, in the present time, is so sinful, and it plunges into the deepest darkness, with its sinful pleasures, greed and entertainment. People only live and think of a good life here on earth, but they think of nothing after this life ends. Their souls are dry like a leaf that falls from the tree and crumbles because it has no life. It crumbles and dries into dust,” He said.

“How that offends Me and makes Me sad, to the point of breaking My Sacred Heart. Pray for the conversion of humanity and for the whole world,” He said.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

20 December 2020

Contemplation on the Nativity of Jesus

Today, there are only a few days left until Christmas, and I was contemplating the birth of our Lord Jesus. It is a special time awaiting the birth of our Saviour and the Prince of Peace. It is a time of prayer, and a time to grow closer to Him and to love Him intimately.

Here I republish the message, about the beautiful and holy vision of the Nativity of the Holy Family, which I received on 5th December 2018:

After I had just finished my evening prayers, I had a most beautiful vision of the Nativity of the Holy Family.

In the darkness of the night a most brilliant light, and radiance surrounded the stable, which was a large open cave. The silvery brightness from the light of the star was so intense that it was as though the star from the heavens had descended and shone directly above the cave. Everything was so bright.

Sitting in the middle of the stable was Mary, the Mother of Baby Jesus, holding Baby Jesus on her lap. She was dressed in a most beautiful red tunic with a white mantilla that extended to her elbows. I could see how her hair was beautifully twisted around her head. Baby Jesus was all in white. I could see St Joseph kneeling beside them.

Multitudes of shining bright angels surrounded them, praising and adoring the newly born King. Around the stable, facing Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus, I could also see many shepherds, kneeling in adoration. The holy shepherds were wearing garments of a combination of white and brown shades.

In front of the stable, I could see many lambs and sheep. The little lambs came up close to Baby Jesus. They were sleeping peacefully and gently resting their little heads on top of each other, as though they were resting their heads on the softest pillow. Their wool was so long and beautiful.

On the other side, behind blessed Mother, I could see lying on the ground an ox and a donkey. This donkey was the one that carried Blessed Mother and accompanied St Joseph to Bethlehem.

As it was so cold in the stable, the animals surrounded the Holy Family to keep them warm. Everything looked so beautiful and colourful and real.

So many angels were present, and I could see them prostrating before our Lord Jesus. Then they raised their heads to Heaven and, all in harmony, started to sing the divine canticle:

“Gloria Gloria Gloria”
“Gloria in Excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”

So that I would understand what they were singing the angels said aloud, “Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to people of goodwill.”

The Blessed Mother, most holy, was very joyful and smiling.
This scene took my breath away. I was praising the newly born King and the Holy Family of Bethlehem.

I said, “My little Jesus, may You be praised and loved by everyone in the world.”

On the 28 December 2018, I was invited to a friend’s house to pray the Holy Rosary with a group of people. After we had finished praying the Holy Rosary, I asked my friend to read the above message from the 5th December 2018 which was about the vision shown to me of the Nativity of Baby Jesus and the Holy Family. Everybody listened and meditated as the message was read. During the reading, I saw a flash of golden light pass by the window.

The next morning on the 29th December 2018, Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy appeared with Baby Jesus. With a gentle and loving smile, she said, “My children, how joyful I feel when you gather in prayer around the manger with my little Baby Jesus, that for more than two thousand years repeats itself but is still ever so new even now, He comes to be born for all of you, to save you and to redeem you because He loves you.”

Blessed Mother said, “The Nativity message that we gave you on the 5th December came directly from Heaven. We want you to distribute it everywhere to people, let people read it. When they share it among family and friends, it will touch their hearts, and the true light and star will descend on their home with blessings from Heaven.”

The Holy Mother and Queen said, “The time of the Nativity at Christmas should be the most joyful time for all people; instead, there is so much evil, and sin committed throughout the world, sin that offends my Son so much. Pray, pray my children, for the world needs so much prayer.”

As she was looking at me, her facial expression changed from one of joy to one of sadness, especially while she was telling me about all the evil and sin in the world.

She said, “Valentina, my daughter, as for you, Jesus needs to be consoled.” Pointing to my garden, she said, “Go to the garden and find the smallest flower that you can, bring it to the manger and place it next to my Son, and tell Him that you love Him.”

While Blessed Mother was telling me how Jesus is so offended by the world, it touched my heart so deeply, that I cried. Please tell Jesus that you love Him, and in that way, you console Him.

Our Lord, being our King and lowering Himself so much and only asking for the smallest little flower, He is still ignored by the world.

May the Christ Child, Lord Jesus our Saviour, bless you and your families this Christmas.
May you continue to contemplate His holy birth and always be faithful to Him.