10 June 2021

Not Many People ask to receive God’s Graces

When I was praying the Angelus in the morning, I suddenly found myself in Heaven, amongst a large group of angels. They all looked like children, both boys and girls, full of joy, laughter and excitement.

They spoke in unison and said, “Valentina, our Lord permits us to come to you, for you to meet us, and to know us. We are all your guardian angels.”

I said, “All of you? You’re too young to be guardian angels.”

Like children, all excited, they said, “Too young? We have the power our Lord gives us to protect you. We are always with our Lord Jesus.”

“Valentina, we have to tell you, you are a very funny person. Our Lord laughs, and we laugh at you as well,” they said.

I said, “What have I done that you laugh at me?”

They said, “You tell our Lord all kinds of things; you ask Him about things so innocently. He laughs, and because we are with Him, we laugh too.”

I said, “Okay, I am funny, but the Blessed Mother told us that we need to pray. There is no time to be funny.”

They even laughed more, like little children, when I responded to them. They said, “Come and see something beautiful that we will show you.”

We left the building we were in, went down a slight slope, and entered another building nearby. We found ourselves inside a room. There I could see small square images, made of rigid material all aglow, with three little lights on each of them. The lights were in a straight row. There were many of these little images. I picked up one of them and put it back, asking the angels, “What is this?”

They answered, “This is the Grace of God given to people when they merit the grace on earth, but today, not many people ask to receive these graces, so they just remain there waiting for people on earth to ask for them.”

We then moved further on to another room, where I could see a nursery, all in a deep pink colour. It was breathtakingly beautiful. In this room, there were all kinds of baby clothing and other items such as blankets, baby wraps and the like, all neatly folded on shelves, such a beautiful display.

The angels and I then moved to another room, but this one was all blue and white with baby clothing and neatly folded items on shelves, similar to the previous room.

The angels said, “So, you can see by what we show you, everything is in perfection and reality, all created by our Lord.” The angels did not explain to me who these baby clothes are for.

The angels then said, “Valentina, what we want to tell you, is that people love to have you come to their homes and for you to talk to them about the Holy Word of God. They really love you when you come to their homes, so keep doing that.”

I asked them, “How do you know all of that?”

They answered, “Because we are with you all the time.”

After this heavenly experience, I then found myself back in my room.

Lord Jesus, thank you for my guardian angels.

6 June 2021

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Angels Prostate themselves at the Consecration of the Eucharist

During the holy Mass and just before the Consecration, suddenly I could see a group of angels, all in beautiful white gowns, being led by a tall angel towards the Holy Altar. They completely encircled the Altar, and when the Priest, Father Chadi, elevated the Eucharist, they, in unison, all completely prostrated themselves, their faces right down to the ground. Such honour they gave our Lord Jesus. Oh, so beautiful.

After the Consecration of the Eucharist, the angels lifted themselves up and rose higher. I could no longer see them, although they would still be present.

6 June 2021

Feast of Corpus Christi

St Patricks Cathedral, Parramatta

Today during the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus appeared. I could see on the Holy Altar, how the Holy Eucharist was expanding so much, and from It, rays of light emanated with such brilliance, shooting beams of colour. It was so beautiful.

I said, “Oh, My Lord, You are truly present!”

Then our Lord smiled, and He said, “Valentina, do you really believe I Am holy?”

I said, “Oh yes, My Lord, you are the most Holy of all Holiness.”

He said, “You see how My Body is reflecting Holiness; because today we celebrate Corpus Christi, special graces are given to people. But I also want to remind you that I receive the most sacrilege and offence during the distribution of Holy Communion, like serving in the hand. People should not touch Me. Then receiving Me without repentance and Confession. Only a very few regularly go to Confession, and they have a true devotion to Me because they know how Holy I Am.”

“Pray for My priests, so that they will teach My people the value of the Holy Eucharist so that people will repent and confess before receiving Me,” said Lord Jesus.

Lord have mercy, and may people convert and repent of their sins.

5 June 2021

First Saturday Prayer Group

Today at our prayer group at Jan’s house, while praying the Holy Rosary, Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy appeared with our Lord Jesus Christ. She smiled and said, “My faithful children, I want to tell you how eagerly I wait for this day when you gather in this group for many years now. You are very devoted and faithful to us.”

“You have no idea how you make my Son happy. My Son Jesus delights in you, my children, and you receive many graces and blessings from Him. As a mother, I want to lament and reveal to you how much in the world today, prayer is needed for the children who are far away from God and are so sinful. The devil is leading my children astray, and he tells them that there is no God. My Son Jesus is so offended. His Sacred Heart is wounded very deeply. My faithful children, please console my Son, and tell Him that you love Him.”

Blessed Mother then looked at Jan, and asked, “Jan, can we count on you, our loving and faithful daughter? Continue to pray and to have these spiritual gatherings in your house. It means so much to us, to me and my Son.”

“Today, you all receive a very special blessing, and you all should be very proud.”

Then at the end, our Blessed Mother blessed us all. I watched as She made the Sign of the Cross with her holy hands and said, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Blessed Mother was wearing a long white tunic and a white veil coming down like our Lady of Fatima.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Mary Most Holy. Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.

In this house, when our prayer group meets, we pray all three mysteries of the Holy Rosary, the Litany of Loretto, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and many Devotions and beautiful prayers. We read a passage from the Holy Bible and a message from the blue book, the Marian Movement of Priests. Then, we consecrate ourselves to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and sing a beautiful hymn,. It is truly peaceful in this house, and we are all like a family.

4 June 2021

First Friday

The Harvest is not Complete

In the evening, when I was thanking the Lord for the day and for all the graces I receive from Him, I lamented to Him, saying, “Lord, all the bad news we hear in the world, nothing is good, and all the problems, especially with the Coronavirus and how they are bombarding us with this, and then hearing about the many problems and sickness that people around me are facing, Lord I would really like to find a little corner of the world, somewhere to hide and to be away from all of this and to stay in peace.”

Almost instantly, our Lord appeared in a beautiful white tunic with His Sacred Heart exposed.

He smiled and said, “Valentina, My child, there is no time to hide. You have to continue to preach and to teach people My Holy Word. The times are bad, but the harvest is not complete, so you can’t hide, and you can’t rest. There are many things ahead that will develop in the world. People have to know they will come to Me for the salvation of their souls.”

“Continue to proclaim My Word. I will always protect you.”

He said, “A lot of things you hear on television these days are all lies. They would like to instil fear in people.”

“Just trust in Me and continue to pray.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

28 May 2021

Warning given to a Man living a Sinful Life

It was about one-thirty in the morning when I started to have a lot of suffering and pain throughout my body, but most severely in my leg. I tried to pray, hoping it would go away, but it didn’t help. The pain was severe.

Suddenly, the angel came about five o’clock in the morning. I was wide awake because I could not sleep due to the pain.

The angel said, “I am the angel of the Lord. Come, I will reveal to you why you have to suffer, and our Lord wants to reveal and explain to you why you are suffering.”

Whenever the angel takes me to a particular place, I do not feel any physical suffering.

Suddenly the angel and I were standing in front of a house. The door was open, so we entered. A man inside the house approached us and immediately fell to his knees because he was aware of the angel’s presence. The angel brought the light to the man who was in the darkness.

The angel said to the man, “Our Lord will now reveal your life and show you what you have done during your life. You have led a horrible life.”

I watched how everything was thrown in front of the man; a line of briefcases, all opened and full of money.

The angel said, “You know, you have lived a life of luxury, and you know that this money did not come to you in an honest way.”

He was selfish, greedy, a womaniser, involved with drugs; he committed all kinds of sins, everything only for himself. He thought he owned the world and could do whatever he wanted.

The man said, “I left my wife, and I keep playing with other women.”

I was witnessing what the angel was showing him about his life.

I asked the angel, “Is he a soul, or is he still alive?”

The angel replied, “No, no, he is still alive, but he will probably die very soon, and not of old age. That is why I want you to see this so that you can pray for him, to help him and for his soul to be saved.”

The man was still kneeling there and watching all these articles, and other material things appear before him. He was watching all the horrible sins that he committed in his lifetime.

The angel said, “Valentina, you have permission to talk to him. Go near him and talk to him.”

I moved forward, and I stood in front of him and, in a stern voice, said, “See, look what you have done. Shame on you! Most of all, how much you offended our Lord Jesus Christ. You committed so many sins, and you hurt our Lord Jesus.”

I then slapped him across the face a couple of times and then moved back and stood next to the angel. I was a little shocked at what I had just done. I said, “Oh my God, I have never slapped anyone like that before.”

The angel said, “Don’t worry about it. Do not feel guilty. You cannot do anything unless you are given permission from Heaven. So do not feel guilty, because what you have done, he deserved it.”

I said, “But how would he know, to change and to repent?”

The angel replied, “God will especially touch his conscience so he will be aware of it, and he will feel guilty of all the bad things he has done. There are many like him in the world, and they live so dishonestly. This man will be tormented by his guilty conscience so he may repent.”

I understood that it is like a permanent imprint on his conscience, placed there by God.

The angel said, “He lives a life of luxury; he is a playboy, happy in this world and very selfish, a cheater and a liar.”

After I came back to my room, my pain began to diminish slowly.

Today in church, when I came to Holy Mass, our Lord said, “What the angel revealed to you, and the suffering I permit you to have is to console Me and to save the soul of this person who is still alive. He has a chance to repent.”

Our Lord is so kind and merciful. He does not like to punish this person, so He sends a warning. This man still has a chance to turn around and adjust his life.

Lord Jesus said, “You console Me because I Am gravely offended by what I watch and what I see.”

I said, “Lord, I am very sorry that I slapped him. I have never done that before. It’s like I go to Heaven, and I’ll start slapping people!”

Teasing me, He said, “Valentina, when you come to Heaven, no need to slap people because they are all perfect.”

The angel told me that the man we came to warn, if he does not amend his life and leave his sinful ways, he will be condemned forever.

Pray for the conversion and repentance of all the people who live sinful lives and offend God very much.

23 May 2021

Pentecost Sunday

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

During the Holy Mass, celebrated by the Bishop, our Lord Jesus appeared wearing a beautiful red tunic and a white undergarment which had a small round collar around His neck.

Our Lord said to me, “Today, offer Me all the congregation in this church, gathered around My Holy Altar, and all the bad things that have happened in this church, as I will turn them from bad to good. You will see.” Our Lord was smiling when He was telling me this. 

Our Lord said, “Pray for the world. I tell you, they are planning to start another world war. North Korea, China and Iran, are all dangerous. Even in the Middle East, there is no peace. They have stopped fighting, but there is no sure peace.”

“They just stopped, but it is not a secure peace. It can spread from the Middle East to the rest of the world. This is ever so close. Tell people to convert and to repent and to pray,” He said.

Our Lord continued, “See, the suffering that I permit you to have, it is always for the Holy Souls and to console Me. But today is the Feast of Pentecost, and a lot of souls want to go to Heaven.”

I asked our Lord, “When are You going to send the Holy Spirit to the world? Today would be the perfect day; it is the Feast of the Holy Spirit.”

Our Lord answered, “Not today. It is ever so close. I Am working on it. It will happen!”

20 May 2021

This is an Apocalyptical War
In the evening, while I was saying my prayers of thanksgiving, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to pray for the Middle Eastern countries, especially for Jerusalem and the Gaza. The war they have started is very dangerous; you can say it is an apocalyptical war. All this was prophesied a long time ago. Both sides are evil. They do not want to forgive one another. They hate each other, and they have killed many innocent children and people.”
“How they offend Me!” He said, “Tell My children to pray for this war, as this can spread to other countries as well.”
Lord Jesus, have mercy on them, especially on the Holy Land of Jerusalem that You choose.

16 May 2021

The Power of the Holy Spirit

This morning, I was with the angel standing amongst many people, and I was wearing a beautiful white blazer. It must have been somewhere in Purgatory.

Suddenly, the people came up close to me and wiped their mouths on my jacket, leaving their marks and stains all over it. I then removed the jacket and noticed that there were stains from the people wiping themselves even on my collar.

Looking at the stains on the jacket, I said to one of the ladies from the group, “I’m not going to wear this. Can you wash it and clean it for me?”

She took it from me and never brought it back. Then I noticed that all the people around me began to follow me. They must have been souls in Purgatory. I then saw a little pillowcase without a pillow insert. I picked it up. It was full of marks and stains.

Nearby was a little water fountain. I took the pillowcase and put it under the little fountain to wash off the marks. As I put it under the running water, I suddenly heard such a mighty sound of blowing wind coming, and I could see a fire that kept coming from underneath the crystal clear water. I could see a large flame that kept coming up. It was amazing to watch. It was fire and water. It was the Holy Spirit.

It was a real flame. I was wondering, ‘How can the water burn out?

The water was crystal clear, and the fire kept coming from underneath the water and from around the sides. I continued washing away the stains under the running water. There seemed to be more and more stains.

I started to worry. I thought, ‘When am I going to dry them?’

There were people everywhere. I said to the angel, “That’s good enough. Some of the stains have come off, and some didn’t want to go away.” Some of the stains were so stubborn that I couldn’t wash them off.

The angel said, “You shouldn’t worry.”

Then the Holy Spirit came. The Holy Spirit was so powerfully present that He purified all the marks and stains on the pillowcase that I couldn’t wash off. 

I was shown the power of the Holy Spirit. The stains on the pillowcase that would not come off are put through the fire of the Holy Spirit and are completely consumed in the fire and purified. 

The water purifies, and the Holy Spirit with the Flame of Love consumes all the bad things. The Holy Spirit manifests so powerfully. What I couldn’t make better, He can do. He removed all the stubborn marks. He makes all things beautiful and right again.

Our Lord revealed to me, He said, “You see I was present with you. That is the power of the Holy Spirit.”

16 May 2021

Family Prayer Gathering in Merrylands

I was invited to the home of a beautiful family, along with my friends, for prayer, the Holy Rosary, and to share the Holy Word of our Lord Jesus, and His Holy Mother Mary. There were many young people present.

After I came home that evening, I thanked the Lord for His Blessings and Graces that He gave to the family and to all the other people present in the group.

Almost instantly, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was very joyful and said, “Valentina, I come to reveal and show you how this family welcomed you. When you talked and shared our Holy Word and our teachings, they absorbed so beautifully every word that you told them. They wanted more. They were hungry for it. Let Me show you something beautiful that happened in this house.”

Suddenly, in a vision, our Lord Jesus showed me the living room where we prayed. In the centre of the room was a large brown-coloured, square table. Our Lord pointed towards it with His Holy Hand and said, “This is My table, and you were all seated around it when you shared My Holy Word. I was present and My Beloved Mother.”

“All of these people went to sit with you, with My Valentina at the table, and listen to you.”

From a distance, I saw Bridget coming. At that moment, she was not sitting at the table. I heard her say, “No, no, don’t leave me out! I want to sit at the Lord’s table and listen to Valentina. She was very welcome because we all called out to her, “Come, come,” and made room for her at the table.

When I looked around the room, all the chairs and lounges we were sitting on disappeared. What was most important was that we were very privileged to sit at the table of our Lord Jesus, to share His teachings and His knowledge and to know Him better and to thank Him and to love Him. Our Lord prepared the table.

Our Lord poured many graces and blessings on everyone present.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your special graces.

Sunday 16 May 2021

Announcement in Church to wear Masks

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Today, before the Holy Mass, they announced, “Sorry people, but it’s compulsory to wear masks in church. The Government wants us to wear them; otherwise we will pay a fine. But tomorrow, you can take them off, for it will not be compulsory anymore.”

I listened to what they had announced, but I didn’t put my mask on.

Immediately, our Lord said, “Obvious, isn’t it! Today the mask is compulsory! The Government lies to the people because they, in the Government, hate the Church. They want to restrict people to go to the churches.”

“They say, but tomorrow you’re free from wearing the mask because not all people come to church during the week. They are working,” He said.

Our Lord was very upset.

“There are nothing but lies from the Government! There is nothing for them to worry about in Australia. Maybe there are a few cases here and there. They are restrictive because they do not like the churches. They want to close the churches,” He said.

Seeing how upset our Lord is, I said, “Lord, when are You going to do something about all of this? I have had enough of this! When are you going to do something?”

He said, “I Am working on it!”

Our Lord was lamenting, and He asked, “Do the people ever thank Me for freeing the people of Australia and New Zealand, that I protect them above all countries the most?”

We must trust in Lord Jesus; He will intercede.


15 May 2021

Family Prayer Group Gathering at Maroubra

This morning, as I was preparing to visit a family I had not visited before, our Lord Jesus came. Smiling, He said, “You will have a successful day.”

Joyce invited me to attend a family prayer group gathering in her home, pray the Holy Rosary, share with them the Holy Word of God, and talk to them about the Messages that I receive from Heaven.

It was a beautiful family gathering with many young people listening and praying together. Our Lord Jesus was very happy, and He blessed everyone present.

Lord Jesus said, “I am pleased with their prayers, but tell the family to continue praying.”

Our Lord also talked about the men who were present. He was very pleased they all came.

Our Lord said, “The men should go to confession. They hesitate a little.”

God loves them very much, and he wants to encourage them.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, for a beautiful day of prayer and sharing Your Holy Word.

9 May 2021

Cenacle Rosary Prayer Gathering at a Friend’s House

Yesterday, I was invited to Ingrid’s family home for a prayer gathering. It was a beautiful afternoon of prayer and sharing our faith with Ingrid’s family and friends. We all gathered in the living room, around the statue of our Lady of Fatima, to pray the Cenacle Rosary. We then prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It was all so peaceful and beautiful.

This morning when I was praying, our Lord came and said, “You’d better get a pen and some paper. I want you to write this message for Ingrid and her family.”

Our Lord Jesus said, “My child Valentina, it pleases Me very much that I, your Lord Jesus and My beloved Mother Mary Most Holy, we want you to go to Ingrid and Wayne’s home, to their family.  I tell you, the whole family is very devoted to us. Their faith is very strong.”

“Their house has already been chosen by Us from Heaven, and in the very near future, it will be a House of Prayer and a shelter for many people,” He said.

Our Lord was very joyful while He was telling me this message.

Today, in her home, Ingrid displayed all the Messages that I received from our Lord, Blessed Mother, many Saints and Angels, from when it all began.

The Messages were beautifully presented on a coffee table, in three extra-large white folders, all neatly filed. On the covers of each folder was a large holy image of our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother. They were displayed on the coffee table for everyone to read.

While our Lord was talking to me, He also showed me how He and Blessed Mother were talking to each other and admiring the way Ingrid so beautifully and lovingly compiled all the Messages that I have received from Heaven. They were in date order, commencing from the very beginning when it all started.

I watched our Lord and Blessed Mother converse with each other, both pointing to the displayed Messages as they were talking about them. Our Lord was dressed in a long white tunic covered by a red mantle. Blessed Mother was also in a long white tunic, with a blue mantle over her shoulders and a shorter white mantilla covering her head.

Our Lord said, “I also want to tell you that I have not seen anywhere such a beautiful display, of perfection, like in Ingrid’s house.”

Our Lord was looking at me and then looking at the display of Messages from Heaven. With His right Hand, pointing to me and then to Himself, He said, “These are the Messages, yours and Mine. I, Myself Am so impressed, while looking at them and admiring them. She is truly our beautiful daughter.”

“Never in any house have I experienced anything like this,” our Lord said.

“I tell you, these Messages will serve many people, teaching them when the time comes; that is My Holy Word. Tell Ingrid that I bless her and the family, and I Am so happy that she teaches and shares the faith with the family and with many other people.”

Seeing the Messages displayed in the form of large books, Lord Jesus said, “This reminds Me how in olden times, in the temples, they would display the scrolls, so people could learn and read the Holy Word of God, which was beautiful and precious.”

Blessed Mother and our Lord were very pleased with how the Messages from Heaven were presented.

7 May 2021

Baby Jesus shivering from the cold

In the morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mother appeared with Baby Jesus as a little toddler.

Blessed Mother said, “I brought you my Son. He is very cold. He needs to be covered up and dressed.”

“Why is He cold? I asked

“He is cold because there is so much coldness from people, and rejection of my Son in the world. That is why He feels cold,” She said.

“When you speak to people about my Son, and when you praise my Son, and they listen to you, then in this way you dress Him in beautiful warm clothes.”

“The more you talk beautifully to people about my Son, and introduce Him to others, then you dress Him.”

I saw how His little Body was shivering from the cold. Nearby I saw a little child’s singlet, I took it, and I put the little singlet on Him.

He looked at it, and immediately He reacted as a child would react to something he doesn’t like.

“I don’t want it!” He said.

So, He pulled it off Himself and threw it.

In a gentle voice, Blessed Mother said, “He likes to be dressed in a little jacket.”

Nearby I saw a little white jacket, so I picked it up and put it on Him.

Then, Blessed Mother said, “He wants another jacket as well.”

Again, I saw another white jacket, slightly longer than the first one. I picked it up and put it on baby Jesus, over the first jacket.

I could see He was pleased with this.

6 May 2021

Flying around the World with the Angel


I had suffering throughout the night, but at about five o’clock in the morning, the angel came to me and said, “Come, I have to explain to you and show you the things our Lord wants you to know and to see.”


The angel took me in some kind of vehicle, flying up high. We were seated on a blue seat, next to each other, the angel seated on my right side. The angel that accompanied me was very beautiful. He was tall and strong.  I have seen him before.


I said to the angel, “We are really flying.”


Behind me, I could hear the engine whirring, like that of a helicopter, but there was no pilot, just the angel and me.


The angel said, “Don’t worry, I just want to show you above the places.”


He said, “Look how atheist the world is becoming. Our Lord is so offended. Valentina, you have to tell people to change their way of life.”


The angel showed me the trees and nature losing their leaves, all dry, and they were falling from the trees. Some trees had bundles of dried leaves tied up in a mesh wire, and they were all together, hanging off the trees. 


Referring to the dry leaves, the angel explained, “These are all souls, alive on earth, who don’t believe in God anymore.”


Some of the trees were completely covered with mesh wire, with all the dry leaves collected and tied up to the tree. But then there were brown and dry leaves scattered on the ground.


I said to the angel, “I already know about this. Our Lord showed me many years ago, all the dry trees and leaves. I saw a big patch of this.”


The angel said, “Yes, but what you saw then, that was only a small part. I am showing you how now it has spread all over the world. It is becoming so bad, that if people do not pray and convert, the less the people will believe in God, and the worse it will become. This is a big warning.”


In different places, I could see how all the trees and nature, were all brown with their foliage all falling onto the ground and crumbling. We went everywhere around the world in this helicopter-type vehicle. We were flying over the countries of the world as they are today


We flew over Europe. We could not see any people but just dead leaves and dry nature everywhere. 


I was very shocked at what I saw, I said to the angel, “But now it’s spring in Europe. All the nature should be green and alive.”


He said, “The dead nature represents the atheist world, and the dry leaves mean the people living in these places, have no life in them.”


The angel said, “The dry leaves are collected in a bunch, and that’s how people are in a big way. They are together. They are godless. They are all godless; hardly any people on earth have any faith now. And it will become so bad that the living will envy the dead, because they turned away from God.”


I listened the angel as He said, “God is the only life. He gives life. He is the Author of all life.”


We then flew over Australia. The angel said, “Well, you better warn the people of Australia and tell them to pray. Australia will be ablaze again. There will be a fire again.”


“Oh, not again,” I said.


He said, “You better warn people to pray because it is going to be horrific.”


“But when will this happen?” I asked.


He said, “Well, it’s the month of May now, and it is coming towards summer.”


I said, “I had better warn the government.”


He said, ‘Yes, you’d better tell people to pray for Australia.”


As we were moving over these places I could the engine running behind me, and the angel to my right. As we were flying over many different parts of the world, the angel continued to talk saying,  


“It is going to be so bad in the world because the people don’t pray and are not converting. The only refuge will be your prayers and going to church, attending Holy Mass, if you can go.”


“The whole world is now atheist. Only little groups of people are believers, but the rest are all non-believers. The Coronavirus is nothing compared to the loss of faith of the people. People lose their faith, and when they die, where are they going to go?” he asked


The angel said, ‘Valentina, when you go to people’s homes, you must tell them that God is the Author of life. He creates life. Without God, no one will exist! But today, they try to brainwash people that God doesn’t exist.” 


The vehicle we were flying in came down and landed on sandy soil.


We stepped out of the flying vehicle and onto the soft sandy ground. On a hill we could see a quite a large house. The angel did not tell me which country we were in, but I could no longer see dry leaves and dead vegetation, so I think we were in Heaven.   


As we were stepping out the angel said again, “Well Australia will have its share again. You better tell people to pray because there will be a major fire. A blaze of fire.’


 “Last time the fire came the people did not change. Catastrophic events will happen everywhere, wherever there is dryness in the world because they don’t want God.”

 The angel said, “Come a Lady is waiting for us there.”


Immediately I knew it was Blessed Mother. 


 The angel said, “We have to report what I showed you to the Mother of God.”


 We walked up a slight hill towards the big, beautiful house, with its door wide open.


We stepped inside the house, and Blessed Mother greeted us. She wore a light pale blue tunic and no veil on her head because she was in Heaven.


The angel said to Blessed Mother, “I showed Valentina everything that our Lord wants her to know.”


Blessed Mother said, “We already know all of that which is going on in the world, but we want you to witness it. That is why you were taken to see for yourself how bad the world is, how that offends my Son. People don’t believe in Him anymore. The souls are dry like the dry leaves. They keep falling off, and this is all over the world.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, there are still some people that are praying.”


“Yes,” she said, “But it is only a very small group. My Son needs people to pray more widely. People have given up on prayer.”


I said to the angel, “I think somebody has to say to the priests enough is enough. You better believe, and you better change and speak the truth to people and people you better listen because God is offended.”


Blessed Mother was sad, but she had a smile on her face. She said, “Yes, if they would listen.”


Later in the day in the church, Blessed Mother said, “All is true what the angel revealed to you today. It is all coming, and worse.”


Lord Jesus have Mercy on us and on the whole world.