1 November 2020

All Saints Day
I Hold the World in the Palm of My Hand

This morning when I was praying, our Lord Jesus came smiling. He looked very joyful and said, “My child Valentina, I come to tell you happy news. For the past few weeks, I have permitted you to have a lot of suffering, but if you only knew how many souls you have helped, a lot of them went to Heaven.”

“Today is all Saints Day and they too, together rejoice in My presence,” He said.

He gave me a cheeky look and said, “You know my child, I call this a labour of love; all that you offer Me. I also want to tell you that your weather pattern is changeable, and it is very different from last year, and people all over the world are questioning why? There are mudslides, earthquakes, monsoonal disasters plus the Coronavirus is not over yet.”

“This all indicates that humanity is not changing. The whole world is very sinful. Right now, the Coronavirus is spreading all over Europe, and many people will die without repenting. It breaks My Heart to see people so godless. But lose no hope. Trust in My Love and My Mercy,” He said.

Then I watched as our Lord raised up the palm of His Hand.

He said, “I hold the world in the palm of My Hand. I tell you, all in good time I will change the human hearts, which are like ice now, just like I change your weather. What I want you to tell people is to repent and to pray and to trust in Me.”

Later in the morning, when I entered the church for Holy Mass, I said, “Thank you, Lord, for giving me this grace, to be here today.”

Lord Jesus responded, “I rejoice when I see you in My Holy Presence, because you bring the light into the darkness, into this Church.”