10 June 2021

Not Many People ask to receive God’s Graces

When I was praying the Angelus in the morning, I suddenly found myself in Heaven, amongst a large group of angels. They all looked like children, both boys and girls, full of joy, laughter and excitement.

They spoke in unison and said, “Valentina, our Lord permits us to come to you, for you to meet us, and to know us. We are all your guardian angels.”

I said, “All of you? You’re too young to be guardian angels.”

Like children, all excited, they said, “Too young? We have the power our Lord gives us to protect you. We are always with our Lord Jesus.”

“Valentina, we have to tell you, you are a very funny person. Our Lord laughs, and we laugh at you as well,” they said.

I said, “What have I done that you laugh at me?”

They said, “You tell our Lord all kinds of things; you ask Him about things so innocently. He laughs, and because we are with Him, we laugh too.”

I said, “Okay, I am funny, but the Blessed Mother told us that we need to pray. There is no time to be funny.”

They even laughed more, like little children, when I responded to them. They said, “Come and see something beautiful that we will show you.”

We left the building we were in, went down a slight slope, and entered another building nearby. We found ourselves inside a room. There I could see small square images, made of rigid material all aglow, with three little lights on each of them. The lights were in a straight row. There were many of these little images. I picked up one of them and put it back, asking the angels, “What is this?”

They answered, “This is the Grace of God given to people when they merit the grace on earth, but today, not many people ask to receive these graces, so they just remain there waiting for people on earth to ask for them.”

We then moved further on to another room, where I could see a nursery, all in a deep pink colour. It was breathtakingly beautiful. In this room, there were all kinds of baby clothing and other items such as blankets, baby wraps and the like, all neatly folded on shelves, such a beautiful display.

The angels and I then moved to another room, but this one was all blue and white with baby clothing and neatly folded items on shelves, similar to the previous room.

The angels said, “So, you can see by what we show you, everything is in perfection and reality, all created by our Lord.” The angels did not explain to me who these baby clothes are for.

The angels then said, “Valentina, what we want to tell you, is that people love to have you come to their homes and for you to talk to them about the Holy Word of God. They really love you when you come to their homes, so keep doing that.”

I asked them, “How do you know all of that?”

They answered, “Because we are with you all the time.”

After this heavenly experience, I then found myself back in my room.

Lord Jesus, thank you for my guardian angels.