While saying morning prayer, I heard a voice within me, ‘You must go
and see my brother in-law today in hospital, take some Holy Water and Blessed Oil with you.’

I explained that I had made other plans for the day, but a desire within urged me strongly to go to the hospital. I prepared the oil and water, and then my sister came to tell me that our brother in-law had a very bad turn. I said to her that I was prepared to go (previously I had visited by car with family) but
I wasn’t sure how to get there and had to take a bus. While travelling, I spoke to the bus driver, asking him directions. I settled and prayed the Holy Rosary for my brother in-law .

I walked towards the main road. As I walked, I heard a voice calling my name and I turned and saw my sister. She was surprised to see me, saying through her tears, “What are you doing here?” My sister felt it was a miracle that we met at that point. We walked together to the Hospice. Upon arrival, we found my brother in-law sleeping as he had been sedated. There was a friend already at his side offering prayers.

As my sister talked to the friend, I anointed my brother in-law’ s head and hand and chest with the oil, making the sign of the Cross. The visitor left while my brother in-law was still sleeping. We both prayed over him and I consoled her as she was beginning to realize that his condition was very serious. She asked me to
call the Priest on returning home to ask him to visit my brother in-law.

I was deciding to leave when my sister asked if I had brought some Holy Water. I showed her and we blessed ourselves and then blessed my brother in-law with the sign of the Cross.

Then my sister asked me to sprinkle the Holy Water around the room. As I did so, I felt coldness around me, so I sprinkled the water abundantly saying, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, get out of here.” (The coldness signifies presence of evil spirits) I shook the water to the doorway and out into the corridor. Then I said goodbye to my sister and left.

Late that afternoon at 5.30pm I was washing dishes. I heard my late mother’s voice, urging me to call the Priest right away. I obeyed, and Father answered the phone. I greeted Father and then told him about my brother in-law and asked him to visit him whenever he could. He answered, “I will go right away.” I thanked him gratefully.

The next morning we received the sad news that my brother in-law had passed away between 7 and 8 that morning. Immediately I called Father to tell him the news, “Father, to save you the trip not to go to the hospital as mybrother in-law died this morning.”

He answered, “I was there last night, and your brother in-law was awake and happy. I gave him the Last Rites and Confession. We prayed and talked together for a while.”

I went to mass and Father offered it for my brother in-law’s soul. The day passed by, and I prayed the Rosary feeling very grateful for the opportunity to help my brother in-law and for Father for all he had done.

During the night, I awoke to find my room filled with ugly creatures abusing me, saying, “You had no right to take (T … ) away from us. You splashed so much Holy Water on us, burning us and sending us out of the room.”

I said, “Good, because you don’t belong there. It’s not my fault that you didn’t love God when you were alive.” They then said, “You are a very powerful woman. We are afraid of you. Leave us alone.”

In describing them, they were dark and ugly, clothed in charcoal grey. On there heads was a cone shaped hat part of which covered their face all in black.

Our Lord Jesus shows me all that I experience so that I can tell you how important it is to offer prayers for a dying person. These evil creatures are waiting to snatch an unprepared soul at the time of death.

After I had succeeded to chase the demons from my room with Holy Water, three shining white doves appeared, filling my room with light.

I thanked our Lord, “Thankyou for giving me this grace because I was scared.”

Our Lord appeared and said, smiling, “Fear not, I am always with you. You are My feet and you are My voice.”

I prayed then for all souls that they will be safe, offering them to the Lord Jesus.

The following night a very tall demon, leading a large black dog resembling a Doberman, on a leash, came close to me. He grasped my pyjama on my chest and shook me saying, “I came to kill you. You are harmful to us. Leave us alone!” he screamed.

Again, I said, “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, get out!” and kept repeating this as I shook the Holy Water at him, making the sign of the Cross in the air.