30TH OCTOBER, 2010

This morning while praying a vision appeared. I was raised up to Heaven. Our Lord Jesus was walking with a group of Saints all looking young and joyful.

They stopped, and Jesus sat down on a grassed covered knoll. Not far from Him I saw a beautiful, majestic royal Throne.

I thought, ‘Why does our Lord sit on the grass instead of the beautiful throne?’

Then He turned to me, smiling and said something to the Saints. Then He said, “Do you know,” while pointing to me, “when Valentina comes to us here in Heaven, I will play a big joke on her. I’m going to say to her, ‘not you again.'” Everyone laughed.

I laughed too, saying, “That would be right. Lord, do you know there was a Priest that I know used to say the same thing and he would say aside to his companions, ‘do you know, Valentina is a dangerous woman.’ ”

Then the Heavenly company all laughed again.

Our Lord always gives me something to cheer me up when I am feeling low.

Thankyou, my Lord Jesus, for loving us so much. Lord, I love You and praise You.