13th OCTOBER, 2010

This morning, while praying, Our Holy Mother came to me. She said, “I come to you as soon as I can.” We embraced as mother and daughter.

Holy Mary said, “Today I am taking you with Me to a place and show you where many souls have been suffering for a long time.” We came to a place resembling countryside, but very remote. I asked, “Where are all the people?” She smiled and told me, “With your help and suffering which My Son permitted you to have, you cleanse and purify, washing all the dirt away
but there is still a small stain left behind.”

“On this special day, 13th of October, (Fatima day) many souls are admitted into Heaven and many miracles happen in the world. People don’t think of poor souls because they don’t pray enough for them or see how they cry for mercy from My Son.” I remarked, “It surely is peaceful here and it makes me joyful to know they went to a beautiful place in Heaven.”

“Another thing,” Blessed Mother said, “How God is big and full of goodness and love. Another big miracle happened in Chile. He protected the men and rescued them from the deepest place. It was for the whole world to see and that will change the people of Chile forever. The people know that God’s hand was there to protect them.”

“My children, give thanks to God and praise Him for His kindness and goodness. Sing Canticles to His glory.” Holy Mary and I were standing when She said, “How I wish I could save all humanity, but unfortunately, they don’t want to change for the better because the times ahead are very crucial and bad for the world. I would like to retire but I still have to come to this world for another one thousand, two hundred and forty days to help My children. You must all pray the Holy Rosary to help Me so I can protect you.”

I didn’t understand what this number meant when Blessed Mother told me. I was concerned and worried. I understood that I must continue to suffer for the souls to be cleansed of all stain.