While praying, I experienced the presence of Holy Souls.

I had a vision of these people dressed in old fashioned clothes. The women wore long black dresses with a high collar decorated with black lace and a purple ribbon tied over the top. They wore a matching cap. (Juliet style)

They said, “Lady, we saw you passing backwards and forwards, to and from church in Parramatta.”

“We are the first settlers of Parramatta, and first heritage. Please pray and help us. We don’t have anyone to turn to.”

I was shocked. I said, “This is more than 200 years and you are still here. I thought you all would be in Heaven.”

They asked again, “Please, help us.”

The area in Parramatta was originally a settlement known now as Church St.

St Catherine of Sienna explained to me that many souls in Purgatory are just wondering from place to place because there is not anyone left to pray for them. They can be left for hundreds and hundreds of years before they are rescued.