Right through December I was suffering pain right through my body. I thought that now the month of November (which is dedicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory) was ended, the souls would have been admitted into Heaven and things would be a little easier. On the contrary, the month of December carried just as much suffering.

Many times our Lord Jesus would gently appear and urge me to accept suffering with love. He would and say, “Many souls would like to come to Heaven for Christmas.” He would often give hints like this, and I felt, ‘how could I say no.’

The Angel came to remind me to increase my prayers. It was on this night when I could not sleep I said many prayers. At 7 in the morning, Holy Mary came with an Angel. She greeted me, “Peace be with you, My daughter.”

“I am sorry you had a sleepless night, but We were preparing you to pray more and to receive Our visit.” Our Blessed Mother appeared to be very sad, I could tell by the sadness on Her Holy face that She was about to deliver some sad news.

“My daughter, I come to tell you that this country of yours in a few short days will experience a horrific disaster with a deluge of water raging and covering a large area of Queensland. We already showed you the place long before, but people did not take much notice of the prophecy. They ridiculed it altogether. Here, I will show you, My child, the fury of raging water and mud.”

It was horrifying to see. “My Mother,” I said, “It is like the story of Noah’s ark. It is so frightening. Oh, the poor people.”

Mary said, “Oh yes, it will be a big disaster. If people will pray, it might stop, but not this time,” She said. “The stench of sin and offences already reach to Heaven.”

At the same time as I was given this prophecy, I looked up toward Heaven. The sky was all red like blood spread like a thick blanket. Through this, I saw a very tall person moving through this redness.

Suddenly, our Lord Jesus appeared, clothed in red too. His Holy face was very sad. Looking down toward the earth.

I was very sad, not knowing which way to turn, I knew that something very bad would happen. I started to cry, and the vision left me. The sadness took away the joy of preparing for Christmas.

Lord, have mercy on the whole world.