In the morning during prayer, an Angel appeared. He said, “I came to prepare you for a special event which is about to happen.” He appeared very serious to me. He said, “Come, I will take you with me, and be grateful for the grace you are about to receive.”

Suddenly, I was with him inside a beautiful house, very nice and warm. I was asked to kneel down and wait. I could see Angels and Saints moving around. After a short time, a door, shaped in the gothic style, opened. Our Blessed Mother appeared carrying the Christ Child. She placed Him on a raised cushion covered with a pure white satin drape, and as She did so, He smiled and raised up both His arms. He appeared to be 3 months old. All the Angels and Saints began to sing praises in Latin. “Gloria in Excelsis Deo.”

I believe the Angel accompanying me was the Arch Angel Gabriel. He bent over me and said, “No hugs and no kisses. You must respect and congratulate them because they are the Royal Family. Praise and pray because today the King is born.”

Just then Holy Mary turned to me and smiled. I remarked to the Angel, “How can anyone resist such a Holy and beautiful Child?” “Imagine, if the whole world would long to hug and touch the Baby Jesus, they would bring a lot of germs to Him.”

The Angel spoke seriously again, “Germs don’t touch the Holy Child, but the sin of mankind does touch Him and offend Him.” Then He said, “Go and proclaim what you have witnessed today. Praise and thank Him for the grace you receive.”

Afterwards I experienced relief from all the pain and agony I had been suffering in order to help souls in purgatory to rise to Heaven at Christmas.