In the morning during prayers, Our Blessed Mother appeared, Her lovely face looking sad.

She said, “My Son Jesus was supposed to come to you to talk, but He is too disappointed and sad for the world and the churches.”

In Her hands She was holding six large cubes of ice. She explained, “See these cubes of ice I hold in My hands, they represent the hearts of people today, icy cold. In the churches, when it is time for Holy Communion everybody approaches with hands outstretched receiving our Lord like a lolly or a biscuit with no feeling of remorse or love in their hearts. It is a case of ‘everybody does it so it becomes a habit. ‘”

“My Son’s Bishops and Priests are silent in this. They don’t teach the people in the churches to have remorse and to attend the Sacrament of Penance. Please, My daughter, speak out. Tell the clergy to teach the people. My Son is so disappointed with the churches throughout the world.”

“The ice cubes in My hands – draw them if you want, so people may notice and change.”

Then Holy Mary left, very sad.