13TH JANUARY, 2011

Blessed Mother appeared and said, “My child, I come to you as soon as I can. Praise My Son Jesus and console Him for He is offended so much by the world and this country. People don’t believe in God anymore and they teach little children to grow up without God.”

“They only believe in pleasure, money and materialism. See, My daughter, what sin does to people. It degrades them to mud and destruction in one minute. How I cry for all of you.”

In the vision, my Mother was looking at me and was placing in front of me to show me horrifying scenes how the water was swallowing everything, tumbling and shattering all before it.

Holy Mary said, “I am very sorry My children have to experience such a horrible disaster. You must tell them, that with all the frightening moments I did not leave them, and was present to console them, right there.”

“My children, you must learn something from this disaster and change your lives back to God for He is your only salvation in life giving. Tell them that God is very deeply hurt when people say the disaster is caused by mother nature. God is in charge of all creation. He permits all these things to happen and you must realize that you are living in the end times and all the prophecies will be fulfilled.”

“Pray, My children, for these people and for the world to convert and repent.”

Thankyou, my Mother, stay with us. We love you.