11 December 2021

Those Who Have our Lord are Rich

The angel came early in the morning and said, “I was sent by the Lord. You have to obey and come with me.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in a huge abandoned warehouse in ruins; made of timber, all old, used and neglected.”

The angel and I entered this shabby place. I knew right away that we were in Purgatory.

He said, “Our Lord wants you to witness this and help these people.”

Inside was a large crowd of about two hundred souls, both men and women together, some older and some younger.

I noticed one lady was holding a little white poodle in her arm. As the angel and I approached the souls, coming up close, I could hear them talking and conversing amongst themselves.

The angel said, “Come closer.”

The souls were all standing, and in unison all turned around as we approached, probably sensing our presence. They looked at us with disdain and contempt, as we were not wanted here.

In a nasty tone, they said, “We are very rich. You are not welcome among us. You are very poor, and we don’t want you to associate with us. You know we are very rich, we are alive, and we don’t want anything to do with poor people.”

Angry and annoyed, they said, “We are going back!”

I turned to the angel and said, “Do they know they are dead?”

The angel replied, “You and me, we know, but they don’t know. They don’t want to know. They don’t want to accept that they are here. They are still tied to the world, and they don’t want to let go.”

I said, “Somebody has to tell them.” The angel and I were both smiling. These souls did not ask for my help.

In a split moment, the whole group were gone in a flash. It was like a wind had come suddenly and pushed them so quickly out into the open.

I asked the angel, “Where did they all go?”

He answered, “Well, they have to buy and sell. What they were doing on earth, they have to repeat over and over again, that is part of their penance until they let go, and until somebody helps them to get out of this place.”

“When you pray for them, offer them, deliver them and suffer for them. Slowly they will be delivered out of this, and they will realise the reality of where they are.”

When the angel was telling me all of this, I looked up to Heaven, and I started to sing spontaneously, “Money, money, money, … in a rich man’s world. Aha….”

The angel said, “That is good. You have such a beautiful voice. That is an appropriate song for this group and others like them.”

I said, “Why am I singing this song? I have never sung this before.”

He said, “Our Lord permits all of that. Nothing you do is without Him.”

I was surprised that I had such a beautiful voice, and I was so happy singing.

The angel then said, “Don’t get offended when they tell you, you are poor. You are the richest because you have our Lord, and who has our Lord is rich.”

Later that day, I said to my sister, “I was taken to visit some souls, when suddenly I started singing this song, Money, Money, Money..in a rich man’s world.

My sister immediately recognised the song, and said, “That’s Abba’s song!”

I said, “I didn’t know.”

Lord have mercy on these souls.