5 December 2021

Souls in Purgatory for Irreverence in Church

During my morning prayers, when I was praying the Angelus, the Angel of the Lord appeared, and he asked me to come with him.

He said, “Come with me to Purgatory. You have to witness for the Holy Souls, and you also have to help them and console them because they can no longer help themselves.”

Suddenly we arrived at this place. It was a building, like a church, packed with many souls sitting in pews. There were so many of them, both men and women, and young children, all very poorly dressed in dull clothing, very messy.

All the pews were in a disorderly arrangement facing all directions, unlike here on earth. Some people were sitting opposite each other and partitioned off from others. While others were facing different directions, some towards the entrance door and some towards the front. Everything was disorganised in this place.

The souls seemed to be moving around. They were restless, and some were eating and munching on something like snacks, behaving very strangely. During their life on earth, this is how they behaved in church, and now they have to do their penance here, repeating, over and over, the sinful actions they committed while alive.

I asked one of the souls, “What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the celebration of Holy Mass? But where is the priest?”

“We are waiting for Holy Communion, but the priests are upstairs,” the soul replied.

I thought to myself, ‘The Holy Communion will not come; they cannot receive it in Purgatory.’

Looking around, I noticed a small flight of stairs leading to a raised floor area in the same building. Again, there were many souls there. Then I watched some men as they kept coming out from a room.

The souls said to me, “They are priests.”

There were six priests amongst these people. They were all dressed in ordinary clothing, as they were stripped of their priestly garments. I recognised one of the priests as soon as he stepped out of the room.

I said to the angel, “I know that Father. He used to be in my church.”

I continued to look around when suddenly, at least six ladies appeared at the back of this building, all standing in an aisle. They looked quite young and were dressed all in black, wearing sleeveless dresses, complete with frills on the shoulders. I came close to them and said, “Why are you dressed differently from the others here?”

They answered, “For many, many years, we were helping in churches, doing good things. We were Ministers of the Eucharist, and we helped with many other chores that needed to be done in the church. We thought we were doing good things, and we were very proud being Ministers of the Eucharist.”

“Now we know we were wrong. The priests and bishops did not tell us that this was all wrong. Instead, they encouraged us, telling us that it was alright. Now that we are here, we know that we should never have touched the Holy Eucharist. Now we are severely punished, that is why we are wearing black. We offended God very much, so deeply. It is so great a sacrilege against our Lord, to hold Him. We do not know how long we will be here.”

I said, “Yes, this is a great sacrilege against our Lord. Nobody should touch the Eucharist, only the consecrated hands of the priests and bishops.” This is what our Lord had told me.

Then I left with the angel.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on these souls.