3 December 2021

Cenacle Rosary Prayers

Lord Jesus says the world is in Total Desolation and Desperation

Today during the Cenacle Rosary Prayers, as we were offering our petitions, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Valentina, My child, I want you to offer Me the whole world, and pray for it. I know that you can do that. All the prayers will help Me to save the world.”

“Now the world is in total desolation and desperation, and they need My help.”

For the time being, I am willing to put My Judgement aside, and I bring forward My Mercy, to save the world. But I need your help to do all of this. I want you to spread My Holy Word and tell My people to pray.

While our Lord was present in the church, and while He was giving Me this serious message, He suddenly raised me up high above the horizon.

One moment, I was in the presence of our Lord, kneeling in the pew and praying, when suddenly, and in a flash, our Lord lifted me up, raised me high up, high above the horizon, above the clouds. Suddenly I could clearly see the world below me, covered by clouds.

I was now somewhere in outer space, with our Lord Jesus standing in front of me, as I was kneeling before Him. He was wearing a beautiful, deep creamy-coloured tunic. Our Lord’s expression was sad.

At the same time, coming from far down below me, I could clearly hear the echo of the rosary prayers being recited by our rosary prayer group and rising up. I could hear the people responding. I could recognise their voices. The prayers were echoing up, into space so that our Lord could hear them. The prayers were being raised up to Heaven.

I could now see how prayers, when they are sincere and from the heart, how they travel and echo throughout space.

I was above the world and above the clouds, kneeling before our Lord.

Our Lord was looking at the world below. He said, “I tell you, everywhere I look now, it is abomination and desolation and darkness. Most of it is caused by this horrible virus and the evil that is spread all over the world. People are in despair and are losing hope in their lives.”

He was looking at me, concerned for the world, but at the same time, was smiling a little, a sign of hope for the world.

He asked me, “Help Me, and together we can bring the light to the world and save it all.”

Gently nodding His Head in a hopeful way, He said, “All this can be achieved through prayers.”

He asked, “Can I count on you?”

“Can I?” He asked again.

“Tell My children to take My message seriously.”

“I bless you. Be at peace.”

Then I suddenly found myself back in the church, kneeling in my pew with my prayer group, praying the Cenacle Rosary.

The next day I was talking to our Lord, “Lord, I would like to tell everyone about this. How am I going to do this? How am I going to tell people to pray for the world?”

Lord Jesus said, “I never do anything unless I warn My children before time.”

Our Lord is always giving us a chance for things to change for the better. He wants to save the world, and He wants us to pray for the world very much.

Lord have mercy on the whole world.