2 December 2021

Little Jesus wants Little Children to gather around His Cradle

At home, when I said my prayers and thanksgiving for graces received, I had a beautiful vision of the little Infant, our Lord Jesus lying in a small cradle. Even though a baby, He was very serious, and seriously He spoke and said, “I want you to come near My cradle and adore Me and praise Me and tell Me that you love Me.”

Then He said, “For so many in the world abandon Me. Tell My little children to come around My cradle, to sing to an Infant King Who was born in a poor stable to save you all. Teach the little children to know Me and to love Me. I love them very much. They are like angels, and they bring Me such a consolation and joy, such is their love for Me. They sing Christmas Carols and Canticles in adoration, and I love them the most, and I bless them all.”

I said, “Thank You, my Little Infant and King. May You be praised forever and ever by everyone on earth.”

I could see Baby Jesus lying in a little cradle, all glowing and dressed in pure white and with His little Hands raised up, inviting people to come around the cradle. So beautifully, He was singing, “Come, come to My cradle and adore.”

After this vision, all day long in my heart, I could still hear our little Lord singing, “Come, come to my cradle and adore.”

We praise You, we adore You, and we love You Lord Jesus.