11 October 2021

Tempted by the Devil

Today the Government ended the lockdown after quite a long time, and people were rejoicing and happy. Those fully vaccinated would, however, have more freedoms than the unvaccinated.

I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet when suddenly, the devil appeared. He was very tall, with beady eyes, dark clothing and wearing a dark, men’s hat. He said, “See, if you accept the injections, you can have the same freedom as other people have, and I promise you if you accept the injections, you can have anything you wish. I will give it to you.”

I said, “No thanks! In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, get behind me Satan, and get out of here!” I repeated this several times and sprinkled him with Holy Water.

I made the Sign of the Cross three times and sprayed Holy Water all around my room. The devil disappeared instantly.

I thought, ‘How cunning is he!’ He was teasing me and trying to be friendly towards me. This particular demon I have seen several times now, all during the lockdown, due to the virus. He would torment me. He paralysed me quite a few times, but I would call on our Lord and St Michael to send him away.

I called, “Lord Jesus, please come. Lord Jesus, please come.”

He never gives up, especially when I am writing the messages I receive from Heaven. The devil attacks me as he knows I will bring a lot of souls to our Lord.

He knows that he can’t get to me, but he keeps trying. Today the devil confessed that this is all his work, the vaccines and the ‘freedom’ from the Lockdown.