17 October 2021

Attending Holy Mass

Today I had a lot of experiences with the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and I had a lot of suffering that our Lord permitted. But I also had a beautiful vision, twice this morning.

Suddenly, our Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “Today, you are going to be very happy. Today, I have arranged something very special for you.”

“You will go to Church and receive My Body and Blood, and you will receive the Sacrament of Confession. Go to Father and ask him to bless you because you too offended Me during the Coronavirus; you were angry whilst you were in lockdown.”

In receiving the Holy Eucharist, I knew I would receive something very powerful that would sustain me and give me the courage and strength to go on.

Our Lord said, “See, I keep telling you to trust Me because after the long narrow tunnel, finally you came out, and you are free. Today, you are in My Holy Presence. Don’t dwell on the past, and don’t dwell on the world.”

While I was in the church, our Lord said, “Now you are in My Sanctuary, you are in My Holy Presence, and that tells you that you belong to Me, and so do the rest of the people here. You all belong to Me, you don’t belong to the world, but you belong to your Heavenly Home. So, rejoice and be happy and thank Me for the grace you have received today.”

During the Consecration, and before the Elevation of the Body and Blood of our Lord, He said, “I want you to offer Me all the sick, all the depressed people, and all that they endured during this time of the Coronavirus, all the pressures people had placed upon them, all the dying and, all the ones who died unrepentant. Offer Me the Priests and Bishops, and pray for them so that they will have courage and they will stand for the Truth and defend My Church and My people, My Holy Remnant.”

“Be happy in My Holy Presence because this is the most important. All passes by very quickly, life is very short, but My Holy Presence lasts forever.”

“Thank Me for the special grace you received today.”

After the Holy Mass, I went before the Statue of Our Blessed Mother and thanked her for the grace I received to come to church. As I was about to walk away, Blessed Mother appeared to me as our Lady of Fatima, dressed all in white.

I said, “Blessed Mother, oh how beautiful you look.” Blessed Mother started talking to me and telling me things. From the statue, she came alive.

She said to me, “My daughter Valentina, tell my children they need to pray many Rosaries for the world to break through the evil. The world is in a terrible state right now, so sinful. In many countries, churches have been closed; they don’t want people in the churches. Also, in many countries, people are protesting and demonstrating, fighting for their rights and against being controlled, but they will not achieve anything unless they pray. Only through prayer can the chain of evil in the world be broken.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus.