17 October 2021

The Importance of The Holy Nativity

This morning while praying the Angelus, our Lord suddenly appeared. He said, “I come to remind you that from now on, I want you to meditate on My Nativity, and how I came down to earth to be with My people and to save you all, to bring you hope and faith. I left Heaven to come to you.”

“It is a joyous time of the year, the time of My Nativity. You know, people in the world make all kinds of images of my Nativity on cards.”

Then our Lord showed me some cards made of beautiful brownish paper. On one of the cards, there was an image of the Nativity, but next to it was a ladder. Below this card, I could see other images covered with a layer of beautiful transparent brown paper.”

Our Lord Jesus said, “I Am not happy with how people design all different kinds of images of My Nativity on cards. You see how they deny My Nativity and how they change things in the world. It is not good for the little children, as they do not learn about My Life and My Nativity.”

Showing me the cards, He said, “Look! In some of them, right next to My cradle is a ladder. Whose idea was that? I never had a ladder next to Me when I was born, and what has that got to do with My Nativity. They put all kinds of animals and things which have nothing to do with My Nativity.”

“The Nativity should include My cradle with Me lying in it, with My Mother kneeling and St Joseph next to her. I Am so offended.”

Then our Lord said, “I want you to remind people that I Am very much sacrileged with the Nativity images and in the church. People are trying to change things to a more modern way, that they sacrilege Me terribly. All this modernism causes many problems, and atheists try to change things that they don’t understand.”

Lord have mercy on the people, and may they understand the true meaning of the Holy Nativity, that it is the most joyful time, the birth of our Lord Jesus. Our Lord has come to remind us that now we should prepare for Christmas.