11th May, 2007

Our Lord Jesus appeared as a little boy, all dressed in a white tunic. He looked very serious.

I saw, from His Sacred body, a lot of crystal clear water gush out, running and forming a pool. I wondered what all this means. I asked Him, “Are there going to be floods?”

He answered, “My child, I am the living water. Whenever the water gushes out of My Holy body, it is a symbol of life given to a soul and cleanses them of sin and gives them a life in eternity. What is not possible for a human to understand is possible for Me, to wash you of all your stains which accumulate during all your life.”

“Tell people of these great wonders that I do. All is possible for Me. I am the living water. The stream is gushing from a deep well like a river over all.”

“From My Cross an agonising sight that I receive, how painful it was. First burst the water, symbol of cleansing and washing of sins. Then the Precious Blood gushed, a symbol of life giving. One without the other cannot work.”

“Tell people not to be afraid to come and approach Me. I am gentle and kind. Tell them to come and repent. Nothing is impossible, even for the greatest sinner when he asks Me. I will wash him and forgive him, restoring to a new life and put a joy into his heart. He will then praise Me and love Me forever, and he will say, ‘How great You are, my God and my Lord.”,