3rd May, 2007

In a prayer, My Lord Jesus appeared to me saying, “Peace be with you, My child.”

“Many problems are standing in the world today and people try to solve them but they will never come to the right answer.”

“They say, ‘Our generation was much better than this one. This generation is the worst,’ and they even condemn the young people, how badly they behave. Nobody says, ‘did we teach our children how to behave and teach them of God’s law and tell them how much He loves them?’”

Our Lord then said, “I cannot congratulate you, because none of you are better, one from another. I would rather condemn you for not giving them guidance throughout their lives. I can only tell you how much all this wrong doing grieves My Heart with human, sinful deeds with no regret or remorse.”

“I wait and wait patiently for them to respond and convert to My love. Even in My churches they are like market place, no longer Holy. This offends Me so much.”

Lord have mercy.