29th April, 2007

In a church, after receiving Holy Communion, our Lord spoke to me.

“Many people are living in the world but they are more dead than alive (spiritually), cold like a corpse, lying on the ground. They need My warmth to bring them back to life. Only I, your God, can give them life and restore their life and energy. They are hungry and thirsty for My love but they cannot find Me, their worldly goods blinds them and takes them away.”

“Valentina, bring them to the light of My love and truth. Speak of My infinite love and mercy, how much I desire to give them abundantly so I can bring everyone to My Father.”

He smiled, for He knew of something I had neglected to do and I felt guilty but I asked Him to be merciful to me.

He responded, “I know all your faults and weakness. Hide under My mantle and I will plead to the Father, then My Father will see only Me and He will forgive.”

Thankyou, Lord Jesus, for being so kind and merciful to us, Your children.