12 July 2021

Our Lord Jesus cannot be Consoled

It was about five-thirty in the morning, I could not sleep, so I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary. On the third decade of the Joyful Mysteries, the ‘Nativity of Jesus’, the angel appeared to me along with a little Boy. The little Boy looked about eight years old, wearing all satiny white and was in a brilliant light. He was crying and crying, and I started to worry and thought that maybe I offended Him.

The angel said, “I have brought little Jesus here so that maybe you can console Him.”

The angel brought our Lord Jesus closer to me. Jesus said, “I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to.”

I thought, ‘Gee, maybe He did not want to come to my house.’

Our Lord repeated, “I don’t want to!”

And then I understood when He said, “They reject Me, and I don’t want to.”

I asked, “But who rejects You?”

He answered, “The people!

Little Jesus continued, “I, the Creator, have to be under the feet of men. Think! I Am God the Creator. I have come to you as a Child. Oh, how I Am offended! With all this suffering from the Virus circulating throughout the world, nobody wants to bend their knees and come to Me! They just don’t want Me! They absolutely don’t want Me!”

The infant Child Jesus kept crying and crying that I could not console Him.

I said to Him, “Maybe they will change, maybe they will repent.”

Then, after a while, our Blessed Mother came and said, “See, how my Son is offended. It is terrible how my Son, who has done everything, died for everyone, created everyone, created the world, created the universe, and He has to be under the pride of man. This just cannot go on.”

Our Blessed Mother was so very upset. I said, “Blessed Mother, I can only offer the world, and I can offer Sydney.”

Our Blessed Mother said, “He appeared to you as a Child; that is how tender is His love and how offended He is.”

Our Lord is so deeply offended that He cannot be consoled.

Blessed Mother said, “People of Sydney, you must realise, and we have told you many times, Sydney is a most sinful city, which offends my Son terribly, but at the same time if people would repent and ask Him, He would forgive, but they don’t.”

She said, “People just do not want to repent and do not bend down; too much pride in them.”

Throughout the day, I thought about our Lord and how He was crying and weeping, thinking how I could console Him.

We should pray and repent of our sins, pray for the whole world, to console our Creator, the Child Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.