12th February

Lord Jesus appeared while I was praying late at night, and He said, “Each time you offer Me your suffering or anything, I use to save souls. In anything you do say: “Lord, I offer all to You to save souls”. Like tonight, when you accidentally burnt your hand, I permitted that to happen. I’m sorry for the pain you had, I know it was very painful. I tell you with those few hours of your pain, you just saved many souls from going to hell. How I wish that many victim souls would offer themselves to Me in Reparation. Many souls could be saved through offerings. It means so much to Me, and you also console Me, My children.”

Then He said, “Many people die these days and are not prepared or in a state of grace. Many die in a war zone, trouble area or all kinds of accidents. My child, many will be taken away from this world as you are approaching many events which will proceed with severe weather, storms, earthquakes and other disasters like sickness. These events will tell humanity that it will be a wake up call and I, the Father of all, exist. I will make them believe and repent of their evil sins, they grieve My Sacred Heart so much”.

He looked at me with a sad smile, “Valentina, love Me and console Me and teach others to love Me too. Be at peace. I love you, My children, and Bless you. Fear not but Trust in Me”.

As He made the sign of the Cross in Benediction, and said, “In the name of The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.”

I replied, “Jesus, have mercy on us”. This is not a frightening message but a call from Our Lord to stop offending Him. Please take this message seriously as events have already started happening.