13th February

Early in the morning, while I was praying, Mary Most Holy appeared and said, “Glory to God! My daughter, love My Son Jesus very much for He loves you all. My children.”

Then she continued, “Today I bring you a message, which should not be taken light-heartedly but in a serious manner. I was sent to bring this message to warn humanity to stop offending God as He is already too much offended. If they do not repent and stop offending God there will be a terrible plague sent on humanity. It will be an incurable sickness which will fall on children and many, many will die”.

Then I was shown a vision. A lot of children of many races infected with the sickness. Many were dying in their thousands. I cried and the Blessed Mother wept with me. She said, “God will send this punishment on the children. It will be the same as it was in the time of Mosses when the plague swept through Egypt. At this time in Egypt things were very bad, but now in this present time, things are extremely bad and are much worse than ever before. When this plague will hit humanity it will be a devastation for mothers losing their children, and they will suffer much mental anguish which will be unbearable. God knows what He is doing.
He will take away the children from this evil. The children are taught and guided by the evil on television. The parents are too busy and involved in all kinds of activities to bother taking the children to church and to teach them about the things of God”.

“My children”, the Blessed Mother said and continued, “You just can’t go on the sinful way you are leading your lives. God will punish severely and show you that He is in charge. This is a very urgent message. I want you to spread it widely. If humanity will repent and change God will amend this punishment which is very close. My children, I don’t want you to lose hope in God, because after this, salvation is very near”.

At that moment. Blessed Mother raised her right hand towards Heaven and a vision appeared. There was a sea of blue water. A beautiful white ship was sailing very fast. I saw a cross on top of a mast and under the cross were many, many spars and hanging from them were many flags, white and pale blue, moving in the breeze. When the ship reached the dry land, it continued on at the same speed.

I asked the Blessed Mother, “What does this beautiful vision mean and represent?”

She answered, “The ship is your salvation, My children, and the white represents the Eucharistic Jesus and the blue represents Myself which, through Jesus and Mary the world will be saved. So, My children, fear not and pray, pray, pray”.