22nd January

Jesus said today, “Valentina, My Angels are waiting for My commands to tell them when the first trumpet will sound to come for the battle to begin on Earth. Eagerly they are waiting and they know this battle will soon begin, for My judgement is nearer and nearer. I can no longer watch this sinful and wretched world that offends Me so much. The sin is spreading like a thick smoke that covers the whole world and is reaching all the way to Heaven.

The world denies Me now but when I show each soul the reflection of its own self in a mirror the way they are standing in front of Me. When we see in a mirror and see the filth of sin, it will shock each person and I, the Merciful God, will still accept them. With My Holy Grace, I will give each person a chance to repent and to come back to My Loving Mercy.

How can man survive without Me? Tell them to repent. Sin is like an incurable disease. You must repent to be healed.”

I replied, “Mercy, My Lord Jesus, Mercy”.