January 2004

St. Padre Pio came to me today and gave me a message. He said, “My chosen daughter of God, I am Padre Pio who speaks write down what I say. Almighty God the Father is very offended by the people all over the world. They have become selfish and materialistic, they live in such sin.

The devil is ruling them, even the church of Jesus Christ is in ruin. The priests and the bishops do not care much, they take everything very lightly, leading people on the wrong path, driven by the devil. Purgatory is full of souls which are suffering very much, as there are only very few praying for them. The priests do not speak about purgatory in the church.

Tell people to change and repent of their sins because the justice of God will come upon the world very soon. Speak the word of God, do not be afraid. Tell people to pray, time is running out, soon there will be much devastation upon humanity there is very little time left. People must change their ways and pray, pray, pray for salvation and for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Valentina replied, “Thankyou St. Padre Pio and please pray for us”. I have always had great devotion to St. Padre Pio ever since I was a Little girl. I never imagined that I would be given the grace to communicate with our great St. Padre Pio. Thankyou Father for all your graces.