Today while I was praying, an Angel appeared and said, “I am the Angel of the Lord. He sends me to take you to the place where souls are kept and are suffering”.

In the next instant, I found myself in a very grey and depressing place, all rocky and damp like a gallery or tunnel. The Angel said to me, “You will experience many bishops and priests who offended God during life and didn’t serve Him as they should”.

The Angel raised one hand and called a person who approached us. The angel gave the person permission to talk to me. The person was tall with blond hair and young. As he came forward he was holding both hands out, palms upward. Between his fingers there was a flame.

He spoke, “Valentina, look how I suffer. While I was alive I was a bishop but I didn’t serve the Lord properly. These changes in the church are devastating. Serving Holy Communion in the hand is the greatest sacrilege against God”. He continued, “Valentina, don’t be afraid! Speak out. You have to let them know how we suffer. Tell them not to serve Holy Communion in the hand. No one should touch the Blessed Eucharist except consecrated priests”. He said, “Look at our hands. They are on fire and burning constantly. Who knows how long we are going to stay here and suffer?” He was pleading and I felt so sorry for him, He concluded, “Please help us, pray for us. God gives you this grace so you can see how we suffer”.

When he finished talking, another priest appeared before me and said, “Valentina, the world is in such a sinful state and living in darkness. God is going to punish the world severely soon and it will be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We all fear for you. The time is approaching fast. There is nothing left but prayer and conversion for you people on Earth”.