25th December

Lord Jesus said to me today during the Mass in St Raphael’s Church, “Valentina, My child, I want you to praise Me for the King is born today”.
Let us adore Him. He continued, “Over and over I renew My birth in your hearts. Accept Me and love Me in return”.

Then He lamented, and said, “Today in this confused world, you hear all kinds of rumours about Me. The devil, the master of all lies, tries to confuse everyone. You must explain to people when you talk to them. The rumours are false because there is falsehood everywhere. I was born once only and I die once only to save you all and I am in Heaven now. I will come again to the world, but not in the body, but in the Spirit.

I will manifest and dwell in all your hearts if you permit Me for I am preparing a new Kingdom on Earth which will reign soon. My children. Pray and be happy and joyous for what I am about to do. Love Me and praise Me and call Me to come. I the Lord have said the true and Holy Word. Let us adore Him”.

I said, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come to Your Kingdom. We love You and praise You for Your Glory.”