24th December

At home on Christmas Eve. I said, “My Lord, I am wrapping Christmas gifts for my family but I should give You a gift because it is Your birthday after all on the 25th of December.”

Instantly Our Lord answered me and said, “Child, give Me your heart, give Me yourself”.

I replied, “My Lord, it is already Yours”.

He said, “Not only this moment, but forever. I created you all, My children, to be Mine and you should give yourselves to God without any restrictions. This is the best gift you can give Me, to live in My Divine Will. Together with your Saviour who comes to be born and to die for all to save you. Today people are rushing, buying, selling, making money. Not many know what it is all about. They don’t think of My birth and the meaning of Christ-child, the King, born in a little stable in Bethlehem for the poor. I came down from Heaven to redeem you and to take away all your misery because I love the world so much. At least, give Me back My love with gratitude.”

I answered, “Sweet Saviour Jesus, have mercy on me and on the whole world”.