12th December

Jesus said, “My dearest children of My Sacred Heart, I will speak openly to you. Please remember in your daily prayers the aborted children. These little innocent lives have not had a chance to live. They are ripped out of their mother’s womb. Every child has the right to live, but the world becomes so sarcastic and evil, they want to kill everything. What is a human life?

For some, that doesn’t mean much. How sad I am, My people, to see all this. I am your God and creator? I create everything. I create you, my children. Everyone has the right to life and opportunity to come into the world and everyone is gifted with My special gift. Only I know why you are placed here on Earth for these special purposes. Pray to My Divine Mercy that I will be merciful toward all these wrong doings”.

I replied, “Have mercy Lord and forgive us sinners”.