13 September 2017

Mary MacKillop Chapel, Parramatta


God the Father appeared to me with a nice looking young man by His side. With fatherly love He placed His arm around the young man’s shoulders and said to me, “I brought this young man to show him to you. He would like to get married to another young man. What do you say to this? What is your opinion?”


With utter dismay I said, “No! No way!”


God the Father said, “That is what I want to know.”


God the Father then showed me how He loves this person. However, He hates the sin that this person commits. God loves all His children, because He created them in His own image but He does not like the sins they commit.


Speaking to the people in the world today, our Lord said, “You are deceived by the devil. He leads you down the wrong path of life. The world today is very confused and everything is accepted. New laws are made and people agree with the changes.”


God the Father said, “Tell people, My Laws and My Commandments, that I gave to people from the very beginning, will never change. My Laws are forever. Only a man and a woman can get married, this is the Holy Sacrament and this is My Holy Law.”