14 December 2021

We need to Gather in Prayer More Often

Today my friend Nives invited a group of people to her home for prayers and sharing the messages. During the Holy Rosary prayers, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother came smiling. Our Lord was wearing a burgundy-coloured vestment.

Blessed Mother and our Lord said, “We have come to tell you how essential prayer is in this time that you live in. These are very confusing times for all our children in the world.”

“Nives our daughter, she opened the door so beautifully to us and welcomed so many faithful children for prayer and for sharing our Holy Word and teaching. Through Valentina, everyone benefits, and they are hungry and thirsty for more. They want to hear more and more. Especially now that you all experience so much negativity from every corner of the world which controls you all.”

Lord Jesus said, “You need to be together in prayer more often. You need to remain close to Me and trust in Me, and in that way, you receive many graces.”

Our Lord smiled and said, “But today, you receive My special blessing.”

Then our Lord raised His right Hand, and with His two Fingers, He blessed us all by making the Sign of the Cross, saying, “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Our Lord and Blessed Mother were both very happy. Our Lord said, “I understand that all of you went through a lot of trauma for the last two years, and you all need to be lifted up spiritually, so you don’t go down into despair and depression of which there is so much in the world.”

“Knowing that I love you all very much, and still you all quickly fall into negativity. You know I never abandon you. I Am always with you,” He said.

We have to trust our Lord. He wants us to be positive. When we share His Holy Word in a group, we encourage one another, and this benefits all of us.