15 June 2017

Feast of Corpus Christi


I had a very restless night previously, due to the poor souls coming to me from the Tower fire in London (14 June 2017). They were completely burnt and unrecognisable. I tried to dismiss them but they kept returning, lamenting, “Don’t send us away please. We need your help!”


Afterwards, I asked our Lord Jesus for help, as the souls were all blackened. I didn’t realise where they had come from.


Lord Jesus responded and appeared. He said, “I know you, yourself go through pain that I give you. I permit this for the souls that you see appearing to you. They all died in the London fire.”


“On this very Holy day when the Church celebrates My Holy Body and Blood, I want you to go to Parramatta Cathedral for the High Mass and offer all these Souls I have shown you, so I can receive them with My Love and Mercy. My child, they are waiting for you to do this. It is very important.”


Jesus then said, “You have no idea what a horrific death they had. They were screaming for help. It was very slow for help to come their way. This was a human error. I sent the Angels to assist and help them.”


“It is very important that you offer them to me and pray for the Holy Souls because they died unprepared but they are still safe. Thank you, My child for doing all that I ask of you.”


I answered, “I will do all that You ask of me.”


Have mercy, my Lord, and grant them eternal rest. Amen.