23 June 2017

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our Lord


Our Lord said, “Console My Sacred Heart that is so much offended by humanity in the world today. More and more, My Sacred Heart is pierced right through with so much hate and sin, that it grieves My Sacred Heart deeply. I lament to you My children, like a Father to a child that listens.”


As Jesus was telling me this, in my heart I wanted to say, “I love You Father”, to console Him.


Our Lord was holding His Sacred Heart and said, “That is how I want to tell My children on earth how I feel, for those who love Me. Today on the very Solemn Feast of My Sacred Heart, I want to take you with Me and I want to share something special with you, something that I have never revealed to anyone before.”


Suddenly we were in the Heavenly Garden. It was so peaceful and beautiful there. Our Lord stopped in front of a very large round wooden pot, with a beautiful tree planted inside. The tree was very green and fresh. It was planted in a pot, similar to a wooden half wine barrel planter, and was about one and a half metres high. Around the base of the tree there was no soil to be seen, but a golden, marigold coloured layer. I believe this represents Grace and Holiness. It was very special. I only looked at the Tree and listened to our Lord Jesus speak to me about it, but I did not touch it.


As our Lord Jesus stood beside this tree and I stood next to Him, He was about to reveal something to me about this special tree.


Pointing at it, He said, “My child this is the Ancient Tree of Life, that I blessed for the world, and for humanity to have life on earth, and to live in harmony and peace. But now humanity has come to a point of no return.”


Nodding His Head He said, “Bad, bad to worse! Worse than it has ever been!”

He repeated these words.


Jesus said, “But now, I am about to bless this Ancient Tree again, and to change it, to make it all new and smaller, so that people will live in peace and joy, which will come from Heaven. There will be no more killing, hate and sinfulness.”


As I was listening to our Lord Jesus, I was overcome with sadness for Him, and I said to the Lord, “People are suffering and are frustrated. They suffer war and persecution. Please do something to stop all of this.”


He was really listening and said, “That is why I am working on this, to change and reverse the course of all the evil in the world. I will bless the Ancient Tree of Life again for a better future. Tell people to pray and trust in Me for I will do all this very soon.”


“I also want to tell you, all My people, that you are living in very dangerous times. You are the most persecuted, of all religions. You, Catholics and other Christians, are persecuted for the True Faith, the true religion that I established on earth. Have faith and trust in Me.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on us and give us the Grace to have faith in You.