25 June 2017

Explanation for Graces given for Prayers


In the morning I had a vision.


I was with God the Father and He took me to Heaven. He showed me how He gives graces to people when they pray for their petitions to be answered.


God the Father kept reminding me, “My daughter, for prayer to be answered it must come from the heart.”


He said, “See, My daughter, when anyone sincerely asks for any of their prayer petitions or novenas to be answered, then they usually pray to the Mother of Jesus, or any of the Saints. If they persist praying with the sincerity of their hearts, they will receive My Graces. Sometimes I don’t answer right away. It depends on the faith and the Trust they have in Me.”


God the Father came from a room with a list and said, “See, My daughter, it is like I give you a prescription. I Am like a specialist or a doctor. I give you a prescription to agree to the graces for you to be healed or for any other petition that you pray for.”


God the Father showed me a ‘prescription’ that was like a piece of paper. It was a most beautiful golden colour combined with many other colours, in the spiritual sense.


He said, “This is the room in which we have meetings to discuss with Mary and with the Saints and with those who intercede for the person who asks on earth, to see if one is worthy to receive graces for prayers. Sometimes we have to pause before an answer can be given. If it is agreeable, well, then we agree and I give them the Grace. As you can see My daughter I am very, very busy. But I have to show you what I Am doing and how I Am doing all of this.”


I said, “Oh, how simple and how beautiful.” I smiled at Him. I was holding a piece of paper and I think it was an answer for my prayers. He showed me that. Our Father in Heaven is so loving and He cares so very much for us.


Smiling, God the Father said, “My children do not give up, continue to pray until you receive your answer. Remember to pray from your heart.”


Many people start to pray and then not finish and then give up. We must continue to pray until the next time your petition comes to God the Father. If He agrees that you were faithful to Him and you were praying earnestly from your Heart, you will receive the grace.


Thank you God the Father for Your goodness, Your grace and Your love that we receive. So many people are very sick and they need Your healing and help.


I said, “May You be praised forever.”