15 October 2017


The Garden of the Immaculate Conception,



While we were visiting the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and re-arranging the flowers and removing the old ones that were sitting in vases surrounding the statue of Blessed Mother, I could hear her speak.


Blessed Mother said, “It is so nice to see you here my children, and to see that you care for your Mother, by making everything beautiful and clean, because you love me.”

“My children, you were drawn to me. I was calling you to come to me. I need your consolation. Here I feel very lonely” She said.


“I also want to tell you that people come and touch me. They touch my hands, my feet, the whole statue, and they leave behind all their dirty marks. These marks represent the sins that they carry within themselves. They think that if they touch me, that I will fulfil their requests and their wishes. I still love you my children without you having to touch me.” she said.


“I would prefer that you go often to confession, my children. In that way, you purify yourselves of all the stains that you carry within you.”

‘My children, come and ask me without touching me!  I will still fulfil your requests and needs.”


Blessed Mother then showed me all the stained floor tiles within the shrine. She said, “As you can see, around my statue, there are many dirty marks. They also represent horrible sins, which you carry within yourselves, my children.”


“These days, I am very much offended in the world and this makes me very sad. My Son Jesus is also very offended. In many parts of the world, people do not honour my Immaculate Conception. They do not believe that I was immaculately conceived. They ridicule this title. My children, pray that the non-believers will convert and that those who ridicule my title will also convert. Our Lord is offended, but He also desires that I am recognised and honoured throughout the world as the Immaculate Conception.”


Blessed Mother said, “It is so bad in the world now. The world is so sinful. But do not lose hope My children, because My Son Jesus will soon establish a new reign of peace in the world. His Kingdom will reign and be established on earth and people will convert and they will be very joyful and happy. It will be such a joy that has never been before. A joy that has never before been experienced on earth.”


“Courageously carry on and pray My children. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Go in peace and announce what we tell you. We are always with you” she said.