29th September 2016

Jesus came to me in the church during Mass. He said, “Did you notice that this year you experience different weather in this country with a lot of hurricanes, unsettled weather. The whole world experiences extreme weather and this will persistently be coming to tell people to change their way of life and turn to God to stop offending Him.

Another thing I have to warn you about is that you will all experience an ice age. I confirm what you heard this morning by the archangels St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael is true. Everything will be frozen and very cold but because of My love and Mercy this time will be a short duration otherwise none of you would survive”. He continued, “Men’s hearts are turning very cold towards God and man, for this reason this will be experienced by the whole world.

Let us all open our hearts to God and ask for mercy and pray, pray, pray.