15th March, 2012

This morning the angel took me to a place of suffering souls. I found myself in a shopping centre that looked like it was from the 1970s or early 1980s. The shop fit outs were very simple.

We were outside a building. There were people moving around. We met a lady that approached me from behind, she hugged me and said, “How are you?” in Croatian. I said, “Good” and asked, “How are you?” She said, “Alright”.

She must have died in the late 1980’s. I stood there with the angel and watched this particular lady who was now sitting on a little bench. She was holding a brown transistor radio. On the side of the radio was attached a chain, about 60cm long. The angel said to me, “Now watch what she will do next.” She pulled the chain and on the end of the chain was a steel collar similar to a dog
collar, but quite wide. She opened the collar and placed it around her neck. The collar
was a perfect tight fit. She then clicked the collar shut. I thought to myself how will she breathe with such a tight steel collar fastened around her neck. The angel explained that this is her penance. Whilst she was alive she carried that radio everywhere with her and constantly listened to music. She adored that false object. Now she must do penance. She loved it more than she loved God. The lady’s expression became very sad. The angel showed me this, so that I would help liberate her from this suffering and the burden she was carrying.

The angel and I then entered a department store. As we stood there, the angel told me to observe a young blonde lady in her 30’s. We watched as this young lady suddenly climbed over the shop counter and onto the cash register. She grabbed the thick paper tape roll from the register and then climbed back over the counter. I could see there were numbers printed on the paper tape roll. These older style cash registers only recorded the dollar amounts without any details of item purchased. The angel said, “See, she does this every day. This is her penance.” While she was alive she worked in this store and used to steal money. She owed the store over $1,000. She was cheating. Now she has to do penance and make reparation.

She needs your help. She suffers much. The angel said, “People don’t realise what they do during their lives, that only by asking is it okay to take and not otherwise.” I said, “Lord, the lady that was cheating and the lady with the transistor radio, have mercy on them, on their souls.”